Know Yourself

You are likely to experience all sorts of fears in your study of martial arts.

That is OK.

Fear is often an expression of limitations we have imposed on ourselves.

For example everyone has a fear of falling down. That is why we practice breakfalls. Falling is taught to get through that fear. The feeling of accomplishment is extraordinary. Eventually students begin to believe that they can overcome their fears to move onto more challenging activities. As they begin to believe in themselves their train accelerates. They are no longer afraid to try.

Fear comes in many guises. Fear of failure is the greatest. Make no mistake you will fail. In fact you will fail many times. But take these occasions not as failures but practices to success. You will go home disappointed, frustrated, and angry full of doubt this happens in everyday life as well. By returning to practice you give yourself the chance to work through all those negative emotions and to ultimately succeed. This success transfers itself beyond martial arts and self-defense.

Emotions are very much a part of a martial artist’s life. You must come to grips with personal emotions, In combative situations emotions can be deadly. They cannot be banished completely but learn to be controlled. This is done through experienced know that it will take time to succeed.

Believing in yourself you will persevere. Don’t measure your progress against other students. Take pride in your accomplishments and recognize there are greater hurdles to overcome.