Dojo Manners

Dojo manners, or how one is expected to behave in the dojo. Most karate schools are based on a traditional military model, and rules are expected to be followed very strictly. Everyone must perform the tasks assigned to them.

Because of the serious nature of the practice being undertaken in the dojo, good etiquette, manners and common sense must be instilled in students for self discipline, motivation, respect for themselves their training partners, senior students and instructors, and to ensure the safety of all who train there.

All students are expected to arrive on-time for class
It is preferred to arrive a little earlier to help prepare the dojo for training
Upon entering or leaving, the dojo salutation rituals must be performed
This may vary between different Shorinjiryu branches.
Keep training clothing or karate gi clean.
The best defence is not to offend.
Outdoor shoes must NOT be worn on the mat areas.
Martial arts shoes or Gym sneakers are permitted for those with arch of foot problems.
If you have an injury, please tell the instructor at the beginning of the class, so that you will not be expected to do an exercise to aggravate an injury.
If you must leave the dojo, to go to the washroom or to get a drink, ask permission of the instructor so that he knows where you are. It is also a safety issue.
When paired with a partner each will bow before beginning and upon completion of the exercise.
Remember to respect your partner, we train to help one another, not hurt one another.
Formal standing bow facing partner.
The instructions of the Sensei are to be adhered to for the safety of yourself and your training partner.
Never horseplay or roughhouse.
The Martial Arts are deadly serious.
After using any equipment: target squares, chest shields, headgear, hand/foot protection, place them neatly at side of mat area.
This is your dojo, keep it neat and tidy and take care of the equipment.
– Be loyal to the dojo, the instructors, and the art that they teach.
– Work to help the dojo and our organization.
– Do not demonstrate Martial Arts techniques to non-club members.

– Everyone initially starts at the bottom – and works hard to improve.


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I teach Shihan Shigeru Ishino's Shorinjiryu Genbukan Karate in Kingston Ontario Canada since 1983. Shihan Ishino was an original student of Kaiso Masayoshi Kori Hisataka in Tokyo Japan, who came to Canada in 1969 to assist with the Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karate dojos in Montreal Quebec Canada.

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