Five Animals and Gokyo





 Dai Ikkyo (First Teaching)

The first teaching stresses the mental state of mizu no kokoro (mind of water), and movement of the tiger (tora no ugoki). This teaching stresses techniques such as the cat stance (neko ashi dachi) with a middle-level Guard (chudan kamae), and attacking movements such as the lunge punch (oi zuki) and the lunge front kick (oi mae geri).

Meikyo Shisui
When calm, the surface of water is clear like a mirror.


Dai Nikyo (Second Teaching)

Aiming for the mental state of hi no kokoro (mind of fire), one should copy the movement of the crane (tsuru no ugoki). As such, the crane stance (tsuru ashi dachi) with an upper-level guard (jodan kamae) is stressed, and the major attacking movements are the twist punch (hineri mae zuki) and the twist front kick (hineri mae geri).

Denko Sekka
Fire ignites from the sudden spark of two stones colliding.


Dai Sankyo (Third Teaching)

The third teaching stresses the mental state known as chi no kokoro (mind of the earth), and the movement of the bull (gyu no ugoki). A front stance (zenkutsu dachi) is emphasized, using a lower-level guard (gedan kamae). Basic attacking movements are the lead straight punch (okuri zuki) and the lead side kick (oi yoko geri).

Sekido Seizan
Through constant effort the earth creates mountains.


*NOTE* Historically, the movement and strategy of the third teaching were based on that of the leopard (hyo). However, Kaiso Kori Hisataka made a personal study of the movement and strategy of the bull and emphasized this in his teachings. Hanshi Masayuki Kukan Hisataka followed this teaching and incorporated such movement and strategy into the third teaching for Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo.

Dai Yonkyo (Fourth Teaching)

The fourth teaching emphasizes the mental state of kaze no kokoro (mind of wind), and the movement of the snake (hebi no ugoki). The basic stance is the open-leg defensive stance (sotobiraki jigotai dachi) with the versatile guard (hasso kamae). Attacking movements are the downward knifehand strike (shuto uchi otoshi) and twist roundhouse kick (hineri mawashi geri).

Furin Kazan
Wind in a forest moves with the sound of a volcano.


Dai Gokyo (Fifth Teaching)

The fifth and final teaching is the highest level teaching of karatedo as it stresses a mental state of simultaneous nothingness and completeness known as ku no kokoro (mind of air). The movement is based on the dragon (ryu no ugoki), and natural stances and postures are emphasized. The basic stance (shizentai dachi) with the natural guard (shizen kamae). Attacking motions are the backfist strike (uraken uchi) and the back wheel kick (ushiro kaiten geri).

Shikisoku Zeku
Emptiness is the oneness of color.


Source: Essential Shorinjiryu Karatedo
Copyright 1994
By Masayuki Kukan Hisataka