DVD – This is Standard Karate ~ Koshiki Karate



I believe this DVD was released in 2004.

Description:  Of all the types of karate, Koshiki Karatedo  硬式空手道  best combines safety with strong contact. Any kind of karate technique, including direct attacks to the face, can be trained through the strikes, punches and kicks used in Koshiki Karatedo.

Koshiki Karatedo is realistic kumite, using the Super Safe protector, allows the creation of new offensive and defensive techniques in a holistic, artful and effective fashion.
Chapters include:

Kata Koshiki Naihanchin

Kata Kudaka no Kusanku

Defense and counter-offense with strikes

Gokyoku no Kumite Strikes

Tenchijin Kumite Strikes

Defense and counter-offense with kicks

Gokyoku no Kumite Kicks

Tenchijin Kumite Kicks


Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 63 min.


Published by


I teach Shihan Shigeru Ishino's Shorinjiryu Genbukan Karate in Kingston Ontario Canada since 1983. Shihan Ishino was an original student of Kaiso Masayoshi Kori Hisataka in Tokyo Japan, who came to Canada in 1969 to assist with the Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karate dojos in Montreal Quebec Canada.

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